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Bicyclists ride in remembrance of those killed

Bicyclists ride in remembrance of those killed

Cyclists in Laguna Beach and hundreds of cities nationwide pedaled during the annual Ride of Silence on Wednesday in remembrance of those injured or killed on the roads.


Laguna halts new Airbnb-type short-term rentals for 45 days

The Laguna Beach City Council on Tuesday declared a 45-day moratorium on new short-term rentals, becoming the latest Southern California city to regulate a rapidly growing industry.


87 students graduate from Laguna College of Art + Design

Eighty-seven students graduated from the Laguna College of Art + Design, and an honorary doctorate was conferred on sculptor Richard MacDonald, during a commencement ceremony Monday.

After attack on sea lions, state lawmakers propose harsher penalties

In the wake of an attack on a marine wildlife rehabilitation facility in Laguna Beach, five legislators have authored a bill that was introduced Wednesday to increase the penalties for animal cruelty.


Kids learn in fun ways the seriousness of water conservation

It wasn't all fun and games for the children of the Laguna Beach Boys & Girls Club on Thursday afternoon, but entertainment helped deliver a message about water conservation.



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City weighs options for extra revenue including open space

The Laguna Beach City Council was both generous and frugal as it indicated its top priorities during the annual budget workshop Tuesday.

Heritage Committee gets an earful on preservation ordinance

A majority of Laguna Beach residents attending a meeting Tuesday night said they should be able to decide if their home is on a designated...

Mayor ready to shake up a bit of status quo

Mayor Bob Whalen renounced stagnation and also called on residents to reduce outdoor water use during the annual State of the City...

Wellness fair focuses on the holistic approach

Vicky Theris' brother died Thursday, so Friday's wellness fair at the Laguna Beach Community & Susi Q Center arrived at an ideal time to...

Drilling of soil set for Main Beach

A large drilling rig will take soil samples May 18 near a restroom scheduled for renovation on the southern portion of Main Beach, according...

Laguna Planning Commission gets two new members

The Laguna Beach City Council appointed two new Planning Commission members last week.

Public Safety

Laguna chase ends in crash; arrest made at gunpoint

Laguna chase ends in crash; arrest made at gunpoint

An Aliso Viejo man who led Laguna Beach police on a car chase through the city was arrested at gunpoint Saturday, Laguna police said.

Brush-eating goats have returned to Laguna

A Laguna Beach tradition is back.

Police group sets up fund for children of driver

The Laguna Beach Police Employees Assn. has set up a fund for the family of Sandra Maldonado, one of two people killed in a two-car...

Police Files

South Coast Highway: Indecent exposure was reported in the 500 block at 11:11 a.m. Monday. A woman reportedly revealed her buttocks...

Two killed in El Toro Road car crash

Two people died in a two-car collision Sunday on El Toro Road in Laguna Beach.

Laguna alumnus sentenced in 2012 fatal stabbing

A Laguna Beach High School graduate was sentenced Friday to 16 years to life in state prison for the 2012 murder of a man who also had roots...

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Time to register for summer recreation

Registration for Laguna Beach's summer recreation activities, camps and men's adult softball league is open.

Founder of Nepali orphanage OK but struggling after quake

A Laguna Beach woman who spends time every year in Nepal overseeing the orphanage she founded is safe but facing hardship after Saturday's...

Laguna officials' open house entertains and explains

Laguna Beach City Council members and representatives from every city department were on hand to speak with the public during an open...

OCTA buys open space for preservation

OCTA buys open space for preservation

The Orange County Transportation Authority last week purchased 151 acres in Laguna Beach that will be protected as open space.

Public invited to learn more about city departments

Laguna Beach will hold an open house May 16 to allow the public to ask questions of various department officials and meet City Council...

City shares its compost

Forty tons of compost will be available for Laguna Beach residents at the city's annual compost giveaway Saturday.


Paraeducator learned a few lessons herself

Paraeducator learned a few lessons herself

Margaret Warder spent more than 20 years in the private sector as a business executive leading sales teams, but a phone conversation with...

Laguna youths heading to regional track meet

Ten Laguna Beach youths placed in the top four in their respective events at the Orange County Track and Field Championships on May 3 and...

Sawdust gets kids sculpting at TOW

Sawdust Art Festival exhibitor Patti Klingenmeier led Top of the World Elementary students in a clay sculpting workshop on campus Friday...

El Morro students hold sale to aid sea lions

El Morro students hold sale to aid sea lions

El Morro Elementary School third-graders sold Popsicles on campus Friday to raise money for the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna...

District looks into removing newly planted trees

The Laguna Beach Unified School District board is considering removing some or all of the 80 trees planted around the Laguna Beach High...


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