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The classic cars are the stars at Rotary Club's show

The classic cars are the stars at Rotary Club's show

Car enthusiasts gathered to show off their polished rides Sunday for the Rotary Club of Laguna Beach's 12th annual Classic Car Show in the city parking lot across Laguna Canyon Road from the...


Hansen: Laguna 'drunk walk' blurs art

The Laguna Beach Art Walk has turned into "drunk walk," according to several gallery owners.


Temple Hills walkway declared private

A strip of land in the Temple Hills neighborhood used informally as a walkway for several years is now officially private property, the Laguna Beach City Council decided Tuesday.

Expect hot temperatures and big waves this weekend

It may be autumn, but scorching temperatures Friday had much of Orange County opting for shorts and sandals instead of cozy sweaters. And according to the National Weather Service, it's going to...


Community remembers skater and surfer Hunter Schwirtz

More than 350 people gathered on Saturday afternoon to pay respect and celebrate the life of 19-year-old Lagunan Hunter Schwirtz at the beach end of Oak Street on the overlook deck.


South Coast Water District beats reduction goal, but L.B. County District doesn't

South Coast Water District customers cut water use more than their required amount for the third straight month as the State Water Resources Control Board released August results last week.



Life + Arts


Homeowners differ on historical inventory process

Residents' frustration with Laguna Beach's historical preservation process was evident Tuesday night during a city workshop.

Haggen sues Albertsons for more than $1 billion

Haggen, a Pacific Northwest grocery chain, announced this week that it has filed a lawsuit against Albertsons for more than $1 billion in...

Lagunans gather around 'Semper Memento' to remember victims of 9/11

Lagunans gather around 'Semper Memento' to remember victims of 9/11

Laguna Beach public safety officials, miliary veterans and residents gathered in Heisler Park on Friday to remember the victims, including...

Historic preservation rules: Learn more at Sept. 15 workshop

Laguna Beach will host an educational workshop on historic preservation, including the effect of California's environmental policies, next...

Council aims for safety on Laguna Canyon Road over more vehicle lanes

Heeding residents' suggestions for Laguna Canyon Road, the Laguna Beach City Council took a less-is-more approach Tuesday.

City hears suggestions for changes in parking lots and the bus depot

Urban planning firm MIG has unveiled proposals for Laguna Beach's downtown that include new parking lots along Cliff Drive and at Las Brisas...

Public Safety

Crash ends when car hits Laguna house

A speeding car that refused to stop for police ended up crashing into a Laguna Beach house early Tuesday morning, according to a news...

Eagle Rock Way getting crosswalk upgrades

A Caltrans-hired contractor will begin work this week on a refurbished lighted crosswalk warning system at the intersection of Coast Highway...

Mudslide closed part of Coast Highway overnight

A mudslide in Laguna Beach closed a portion of Coast Highway on Sunday night, according to the city's Police Department.

Be safer: Check your smoke alarms, Fire Department urges

The Laguna Beach Fire Department is encouraging residents to check their smoke alarms and install new ones if necessary in preparation for...

Laguna police lunch and talk with shelter teens

Laguna police lunch and talk with shelter teens

Laguna Beach police shared a slice of cop cultural history while dining with teenagers and answering their questions Wednesday as part of an...

Teenagers suspected of mugging woman in Laguna park

Laguna Beach police arrested a group of teenagers suspected of mugging a woman in Bluebird Park on Sunday morning, according to authorities.

Business & Real Estate

Gelson's and Smart & Final bid on Haggen spots in Laguna and Corona del Mar

Less than two weeks after announcing the closure of all stores in California, Nevada and Arizona, embattled grocer Haggen Inc. said Monday...

The power of hair: Wig salon celebrates 50 years of boosting people's spirits

The power of hair: Wig salon celebrates 50 years of boosting people's spirits

Hairstylist Marsha McHenry Carroll understands the power of a good hair transformation.

Revamped landscaping earns couple an award

Revamped landscaping earns couple an award

Earlier this year, Laguna Beach resident Sharleen Sweeney's front yard had turned into a haven for a fast-growing invasive grass that needed...

Workshop to give home improvement tips for seniors

The city of Laguna Beach will give seniors home-improvement tips at a public workshop Oct. 17, according to a news release.

Nominations sought for Patriots Day Parade

The Laguna Beach Patriots Day Parade committee is accepting nominations for honorees for the 50th parade scheduled March 5, according to a...

Artist open studios changes schedule; will move to weekends

A change is in store for Laguna's artist open studios beginning in October, according to a news release.


Parent's push brings sports to Thurston Middle School

Parent's push brings sports to Thurston Middle School

Thurston Middle School parent Lisa Rossi wondered why the Laguna Beach Unified campus didn't have an after-school sports program, so she did...

 LCAD president's goal: 'Become the Juilliard of art colleges'

LCAD president's goal: 'Become the Juilliard of art colleges'

Jonathan Burke stood before the knotted, 200-year-old sycamore tree and gazed at the leaves, which were changing to fall colors.

Parents offer opinions on what makes an ideal school superintendent

Parents spent more than an hour listing various qualities they want in the next Laguna Beach Unified School District superintendent...

Woman's Club hands out backpacks

Woman's Club hands out backpacks

Woman's Club of Laguna Beach members purchased 125 backpacks filled with school supplies to give to needy Laguna Beach Unified School...

District to hold study session on superintendent search

The Laguna Beach Unified School District board will hold a study session on Sept. 29 regarding the search for a new superintendent.

Laguna students second in county in Common Core test results

Laguna Beach Unified School District students' combined performance on new online state standardized tests in math and English/language arts...

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