Michelle Boyd is proud to have introduced Laguna last year to knitted yarn bombs, sometimes called needlework graffiti.

Dave Sandford said the job he got in 2011 with Doctor's Ambulance provides him with the opportunity to give back to the community.

"I was made an honorary Rotarian, because Grapes for Grads raised more money last year than ever for local scholarships," said Steve Dotoratos.

Returning to Laguna after a four-year hiatus was Kim Bailey's biggest accomplishment in 2011.

"I wasn't a goat in 'Lagunatics,' and I was selected mayor," said Egly, who also spoke on behalf of the city.

"We hope your relationship with the city is cordial and efficient. If not, call Verna," she joked.

Ann Hyde announced the Assistance League celebrated the 35th anniversary of its Early Intervention Program for developmentally delayed infants.

"Staying open," was gallery owner Peter Blake's major accomplishment.

Interim Marine Mammal Center Director Carole Zavala said the center surviving the flood tops her list.

"We collected all that flood crap," said Waste Management "Energizer Bunny" Michelle Clark.

The Sister Cities Assn. of Laguna is proud to have hosted a group of French students last year, said Karyn Philippsen.

Nancy Wilhelm opened her second restaurant in 2011.

"My top accomplishment was bringing Kris Thalman on board [as interim executive director]," said outgoing chamber President Chris Keller, who will be honored Friday at the chamber Installation Dinner.

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