The Dicterow family: Taryn, Steve and Catrina. (April 19, 2012)

Dicterow also pledged to keep the Police and Fire departments under local jurisdiction.

Police Employee Assn. President Larry Bammer said the association is considering endorsing Dicterow.

"He has the reputation of being concerned about public safety," Bammer said.

Retired Police Officer Thadeus "Ted" Falencki said he has already decided to support Dicterow.

"I'll be the guy at Main Beach without a shirt and waving a sign," he said.

Other supporters at the kickoff included 2010 council candidate Emanuel Patrascu, aide to State Sen. Tom Harmon; the Cabang clan; [seven-degrees] Director Dora Wexell; a cadre of volunteers led by Sande St. John; and Karl Koski, retired city manager of Temple City, now a Laguna Beach resident.

"Steve has experience," Koski said. "He is reasonable, and he makes sense."

Koski also mentioned that Dicterow told the Laguna Taxpayers Assn. that he has withdrawn his support for the Open Space Initiative.

"His policies are well thought-out even when I disagree with him," said attorney Gene Gratz. "And he listens."

Since 2006, Dicterow has served as chief operating officer of an international motorcycle-racing circuit and managed racers, but he has remained involved in community affairs as a member of the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce and Festival of Arts boards. He also recently started a business with his daughter.

Dicterow and his wife, Catrina, have been married 27 years. They live in North Laguna.

Dicterow can be reached at

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