Mailbag: Here's a way to add artist, low-income housing

As the surge for increasing building size to make possible artist and lower-cost residences without rent control or the Department of Housing and Urban Development continues, affordable studios for artists and mid-to-low income renters could be created all over Laguna by repurposing commercial and...

Reader Report: Scouts tour police, fire stations

On Jan. 14 the Wolf Den of Cub Scout Pack 35 of Laguna Beach had the privilege of visiting Fire Station No. 1 and our Police Department.

Mailbag: Plans to change beach overlooks criticized

It is being proposed that four of the public beach access overlooks be pulled back to the street, minimized, and the current beach views will be diminished.

Mailbag: A few more Laguna issues to tackle

I was thrilled to see columnist David Hansen tackle some of Laguna's problems ("Key issues in 2015 will require action," Forum, Jan. 2).

Mailbag: Obama's economic policies are working

How many times do economists have to say something before people believe it's true? Despite the GOP's relentless attacks, President Obama's economic policies are working.

Mailbag: Canyon traffic is not a summer issue

Re. the Dec. 5 article, "Funds for canyon traffic study Okd," (Dec. 5), Council members Steve Dicterow and Toni Iseman are spot-on correct to focus on the nonsummer traffic issues on...

Mailbag: Where have all the news racks gone?

There is a mysterious campaign going on against our local newspapers. They keep disappearing.

Commentary: Red light isn't working in canyon

The installation of a new red light at the pedestrian crossing at Laguna College of Art + Design has created bad traffic congestion in the canyon, not only at peak hours but also at nonpeak hours, effectively rendering the canyon impractical as a route to get in and out of Laguna Beach.


 Hansen: Gay culture 2.0 hits Laguna Beach

Hansen: Gay culture 2.0 hits Laguna Beach

Drag queens are back in Laguna Beach.

Out of the Blue: Ranch decision is a big win for Laguna

Sweet Jesus. Our long, local nightmare is over.

Out of the Blue: Hotter, drier Januaries still hold us in thrall

We just learned 2014 was the hottest recorded year on the planet. I remember January of last year. It was like, well, January this year. Brilliant. Except for the minor inconvenience of being in a severe drought. Somehow our lawns are still green and our landscapes lush.

Apodaca: Key issues to look for in education

When it comes to education, a new year doesn't necessarily mean much. School calendars straddle two years, and it's unlikely that the midway point between the first day of school and the last will bring sudden or momentous changes.

A Word, Please: Graduate at the top of your class in 'graduated' usage

National Public Radio recently asked listeners to submit their top grammar peeves.

Hansen: Travel agents still make dreams happen

If you wait long enough, everything comes back: beards, vinyl, muscle cars and travel to Cuba.

Chasing Down the Muse: Be brave enough to share your work, yourself

You think of your art, whatever it may be, as the gift you have made to the world in acknowledgment of the gift you have been given, which is the life itself.—Stanley Kunitz

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