Mailbag: Ranch needs to give access to wilderness trails

Woods Canyon is one of the most spectacular hiking, biking, running and walking trail networks in Southern California, yet it's nearly impossible to visit from Laguna Beach.

Commentary: We don't need partisan rhetoric or people feigning dedication to O.C.

Former state Republican Party Chairman Shawn Steel, husband of supervisorial candidate Michelle Steel, recently wrote a commentary for the Orange County Register about the California Republican Party titled, "Not...

Mailbag: Kids are in private school but I can still serve LBUSD

Thanks for providing excellent coverage of Laguna Beach school board candidates and informing readers about debate on federal and state Common Core mandates for local school curriculum.

Mailbag: Surveillance at Carolyn Wood Knoll is working

This morning, I was very pleased to see that the surveillance camera is now in place on the Carolyn Wood Knoll. The camera, plus the Laguna Beach police cruiser parked at the end of Alta Laguna, appear to have had an impact on after-hour visitation to the Knoll. This morning there were far fewer...

Mailbag: Village Laguna supports Zur Schmiede, Iseman but not as a slate

Planning Commissioner Rob Zur Schmiede is concerned that Village Laguna's support of his candidacy along with Councilwoman Toni Iseman's might be interpreted to mean that they were running as a slate. We want to clarify that our support does not create a slate.

Mailbag: Make no mistake, I am running as an independent

Recently yard signs have appeared throughout the city pairing my name with the name of another candidate. These signs make it seem as though we are running as a team. They are inaccurate and misleading.

Reader Report: Max von Strobel had the right idea for creating O.C.

The official date of Orange County's incorporation is Aug. 1, 1889. If you dig deeper, you'll discover it could have happened nearly 20 years earlier.

Mailbag: Restaurant should not be allowed alterations

Balzac wrote, "Laws are spider webs through which the big flies pass and the little ones get caught."


A Word, Please: It's better to avoid writing upside down

London is a place that gets a lot of rain.

Apodaca: Teachers walk a blurry line in sharing opinions

A former Newport Harbor High School English teacher has reportedly sued the Newport-Mesa Unified School District, alleging that administrators retaliated against her because she raised objections to cat dissections in science classes.

Hansen: Car racing speaks to his soul

Hansen: Car racing speaks to his soul

Professional race car driver Rick Knoop flies around the track at more than 200 mph, but on the streets of Laguna Beach he tools around in a VW Bug.

 Hansen: Dogs win parade but cats rule the world

Hansen: Dogs win parade but cats rule the world

It all started with the cat lady.

Hansen: Today's news hides tough past for gays

On Monday, exactly one week after the Supreme Court helped open the gates for same-sex marriage, gay seniors will walk into the Laguna Beach Susi Q Senior Center seeking help and connection.

A Word, Please: Don't forget to send punctuation a card

National Punctuation Day, which took place on Wednesday, turned 10 this year. The brainchild of Northern California education booster Jeff Rubin, the annual event aims to help kids learn about periods, commas, quotation marks and the rest.

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