Commentary: ACLU lawsuit against Laguna Beach is misguided

After substantial investment in services for homeless individuals, the city of Laguna Beach must again defend itself from a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Commentary: Despite tough times, Carter proved to be a great man

The news about former President Jimmy Carter's liver cancer struck a nerve with me. My dad, a liberal Democrat until his final day, passed away from the same cancer when Carter was in the White House.

Commentary: The amazing power of small courtesies

Hey, I admit it. I'm as bad as anyone.

Commentary: Planned Parenthood getting a bad rap

Like you, I've heard and read about Planned Parenthood's supposed glee at selling "baby parts" on a shadowy, dark market. I was shocked, disheartened, bewildered. It all sounds so gruesome and heartless.

Joe Surf: John Davis' Hall of Fame path had some detours

The story of John Davis' life in surfing has a nice beginning and a happy ending.


The God Squad: Prayer can't change the world, but it can change us

Question: Since losing our young daughter three years ago, many well-meaning friends and acquaintances have told me that prayer is the answer. After all, their prayers have been answered! I've seen comments posted on their Facebook pages like, "Thank you for your prayers; he is better now."...

The God Squad: Readers weigh in on the importance of passing on faith to children

I received lots of comments on my recent column about an interfaith couple having a tough time deciding whether or not to get married — and if they did, how to pick the faith in which to raise their children.

A Word, Please: 'Rules' are sometimes just a matter of style

If you feel like one of the unfortunate few who missed out on a good grammar education, welcome to the club. Almost everyone I've ever talked to about the subject feels the same way — as if they were out sick the day that everyone else in school learned everything there is to know about word...

Fitness Files: You can't judge a hike-dusty woman by her cover

Seated at a round table at a Starbucks in Newport Coast, I listened, privileged to be part of a new group of woman — not my weekly hiking buddies. These ladies are trail runners, ultramarathoners, 100-mile-bike riders and open-water swimmers.

Fitness Files: Extolling the benefits of a midday nap

Just fell asleep on the computer keyboard. Gave up writing to take a nap.

Apodaca: With girls joining more sports, safety is growing issue

Some of you may have heard the story of a Utah girl who addressed a school assembly in March and asked if there were any girls who wanted to play tackle football.

 Hansen: Laguna fashion truck joins the mobile fleet

Hansen: Laguna fashion truck joins the mobile fleet

 Perhaps it's no surprise that we've already moved beyond the food truck.

A Word, Please: Clarity is a bigger asset than business-speak

Great news! I just received an action item — a request from a colleague to utilize core competencies. Here's an excerpt from the email he sent me.

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