Mailbag: Small, careful expansion is best for Laguna

A few weeks ago, Laguna Beach Mayor Bob Whalen gave a well-received talk at the Laguna Canyon Conservancy dinner. His moderate ideas and measured presentation further impressed attendees with the caliber of our newly elected City Council.


Small, careful expansion is best for Laguna

Mailbag: School district should adhere to View Ordinance

The Laguna Beach Unified School District has done it again. They created changes within the village on high school property, which affect our views without input from neighbors prior to planting the bank surrounding the baseball field with 80 trees. Half of the trees will grow to be 60 feet-plus.

Mailbag: New trees near field are a hazard District meetings should be televised

I wish to raise my concerns about the recent landscaping around the Laguna Beach High baseball field.

Commentary: Local action against fuel rods is good start

A 2014 report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office asserts that spent nuclear fuel is "an extremely harmful substance if not managed properly" and that "if its intense radioactivity . . . were released by a natural disaster or an act...

Mailbag: Here's a way to add artist, low-income housing

As the surge for increasing building size to make possible artist and lower-cost residences without rent control or the Department of Housing and Urban Development continues, affordable studios for artists and mid-to-low income renters could be created all over Laguna by repurposing commercial and...

Reader Report: Scouts tour police, fire stations

On Jan. 14 the Wolf Den of Cub Scout Pack 35 of Laguna Beach had the privilege of visiting Fire Station No. 1 and our Police Department.

Mailbag: Plans to change beach overlooks criticized

It is being proposed that four of the public beach access overlooks be pulled back to the street, minimized, and the current beach views will be diminished.


 Hansen: War, peace and compromise on parade

Hansen: War, peace and compromise on parade

At 92, Eleanor Henry has lived through enough wars, which is why she flinches every year when the Laguna Beach Patriots Day Parade marches downtown.

A Word, Please: Speakers shall say whatever they will

History has never been my subject, a fact I attribute to my "cut to the chase" type of thinking. In history, the chase always goes: Dude One fights Dude Two for the right to control Thing A and, when a victor emerges, everyone has to live under dude rule.

Out of the Blue: Time to get downtown's heart pumping

As I write this column, I'm sitting in a hospital bed recovering from a minor heart procedure. So hearts are very much on my mind.

Hansen: The next generation of art is in good hands

Hansen: The next generation of art is in good hands

When Sora Prakash lived in Texas during his senior year in high school, most people thought he was Hispanic.

Carnett: These guys brought military precision to OCC

Their given names were Randall, Norbert and Walter, but no one ever called them that.

Fitness Files: Placebo may have a role in treatment

Perched on my general practitioner's examining table Monday, I waited to renew a prescription.

Apodaca: Free-range parenting style is another simplistic fad

When I was a kid I had very little in the way of organized, adult-supervised activities outside of school, and my parents certainly did not obsess over my every move.

Carnett: You might say the students had a lick of talent

Whenever I'm asked where I went to secondary school, I'm tempted to say Green Chip High School of Costa Mesa.

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