Editorial: Parents, vaccinate your kids

Guess what's back? Measles. Really.

Mailbag: Let's fix canyon road before more lives lost

I know many hearts are broken over the loss of Laguna College of Art + Design student Nina Fitzpatrick, a pedestrian who died after being hit by a car in a crosswalk. But sympathy, while heartfelt, is little consolation for her friends and family.

Mailbag: Bank should follow lighting rules too

Sometime ago I attended a City Council meeting to draw attention to a lighting issue.

Commentary: Greenbelt group explains Great Park plans

The Laguna Canyon Conservancy dinner meeting March 3 hosted Mike Ellzey, the chief executive of the Great Park Corp.

Mailbag: Canyon project requires additional scrutiny

I believe the people who support the proposed live-work project in Laguna Canyon are well-meaning, but they may not have completely thought it through.


Hansen: Canyon on the verge of eruption

Hansen: Canyon on the verge of eruption

It has been said that a volcanic eruption can create its own lightning. Well, a perfect storm is brewing in Laguna Canyon, and the lightning has already started.

Hansen: The guerrilla poet of Laguna Beach

Hansen: The guerrilla poet of Laguna Beach

If you ask poet John Gardiner a question, the path to the answer is not a straight line.

Hansen: Music festival hits high water mark

Hansen: Music festival hits high water mark

The night before his Blue Water Music Festival last weekend, organizer Rick Conkey slept on an air mattress on the festival grounds, making sure no one stole the equipment.

Out of the Blue: The loss of civility

Many people assume I have designs on political office since I often use my column to advance my opinions.

Hansen: With people like this, Laguna may survive doomsday

Almost every day you read stories about impending world destruction because of our own mistreatment: too much carbon dioxide and not enough sustainability.

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