Joe Surf: John Davis' Hall of Fame path had some detours

The story of John Davis' life in surfing has a nice beginning and a happy ending.

Mailbag: Vacationers have their zoned place

The marketing name for it is the "sharing economy," but a popular country song from a few years back (about a cowboy's divorce) better describes just how the sharing economy works when it comes to controversial short-term transient rentals like Airbnb, VRBO and others.

Commentary: Reclaimed water distribution system needed for Laguna

Editor's Note: This letter was also sent to the City Council and Laguna Beach County Water District board.

Mailbag: If you want us to shop, don't close the street

Our past City Councils encouraged us to shop in Laguna Beach, so why are they trying to make it impossible to shop here.

Commentary: Rejoicing in love's victory

In a landmark civil-rights decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Friday that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marriage that can't be denied by state laws. The following is a reaction from the Rev. Sarah Halverson, pastor of Fairview Community Church in Costa Mesa.


 Hansen: Riders pay for free trolleys with headaches

Hansen: Riders pay for free trolleys with headaches

It's hard to be a Laguna Beach trolley in the summer.

The God Squad: Letting go of guilt is to admit you're flawed but redeemable

Q: Grace says I'm forgiven for my sins because of the perfect and finished work of Christ. I believe this. I am saved not because of my own goodness or efforts, but in spite of myself, based entirely on the goodness and mercy of God. Also, according to my faith, grace should provide freedom...

Mesa Musings: 'How did you ever convince her to marry you?'

My wife, Hedy, has been caught up in a belated spring-cleaning frenzy for the past few days.

Fitness Files: Swollen finger traced to yucky origin

Sally showed up at our weekly hike holding her index finger in the air. Look at this, she said.

Apodaca: Educational equality has big economic component

UC Irvine professor Greg J. Duncan has devoted his career to answering some of the most critical questions facing our society today:

 Hansen: Old-timers' stories are in stock at the Sawdust

Hansen: Old-timers' stories are in stock at the Sawdust

 In case you didn't know, artists don't like drywall.

A Word, Please: Writers who use semicolons aren't thinking about the reader

Here's a fun thing you can do with your writing: Take any two simple, clear sentences and use a semicolon to mush them into one. For example, imagine you have a paragraph with just two sentences.

Fitness Files: Grateful for small steps toward being pain-free

I'm a reader who likes a story with a good ending, an epilogue and then to top it all off, an interview with the author.

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