Mailbag: ACLU lawsuit issue is more than a headline

I wonder if some who have publicly voiced their opposition to the recently filed ACLU lawsuit have even bothered to read the complaint? In many cases, the obvious answer is no. What other explanation can there be for someone interpreting the suit as an attack on Friendship Shelter or on homeless...

Mailbag: Homeless not being cared for properly

Reading comments in the media, made in reaction to the ACLU's recently filed lawsuit, is disappointing even if predictable. It appears that a citywide, civil conversation, once again, is out of the question.

Commentary: Cinema closing is another bad sign

Neighbors in Laguna Beach are upset and disappointed that the Laguna South Coast Cinemas has closed ("Historic theater goes dark," Sept. 4).

Commentary: Approach to fire-prevention misses forest for the trees

Trees are becoming the only area that Laguna Beach is addressing for fire prevention, and that is missing the big picture.

Commentary: Spend Labor Day in LGBT-friendly Laguna

I am sure hundreds of people from the LGBT community will be at South Laguna's gay-friendly beach over Labor Day weekend. Laguna Beach's largest expanse of sand is an internationally recognized beach with volleyball, portable restrooms and plenty of room for Frisbee, football and the traditional...

Mailbag: ACLU shows that no good deed goes unpunished

As I read John Pietig's well-written description of all that has been accomplished for the homeless in Laguna Beach, the first thought that came to mind was no good deed goes unpunished ("ACLU lawsuit against Laguna Beach is misguided," Sept. 4).


 Hansen: Laguna nonprofit groups continue to raise the bar

Hansen: Laguna nonprofit groups continue to raise the bar

Donavon Frankenreiter likes to sing with his eyes closed and hat tilted, evoking a feeling of casual concentration, as if he's singing just for you.

 Hansen: The watercolor that never fades

Hansen: The watercolor that never fades

Lucille McElroy is the perfect watercolor.

A Word, Please: Misplaced prepositions can be a comedy of errors

According to language legend, a classified ad once made this intriguing offer: Antique desk suitable for lady with thick legs and large drawers.

The God Squad: Learning can lead to spiritual wisdom

I want to tell you the best Jewish story I have ever heard. I heard it from Rabbi David Wolpe, who is the greatest rabbi in Los Angeles (who has not retired).

Casagrande: Flexibility is key to punctuation fitness

Punctuation stresses people out. Pretty much everyone in the English-speaking world knows what it's like to sit at a keyboard, finger hovering above the hyphen or comma key, paralyzed by self-doubt.

Apodaca: Time is right to reevaluate homework

Back-to-school time means it's also the season that kids return to the homework grind, a nightly ritual that contributes as much or more than any other factor to the stress that students and their families feel.

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