Getting tourists to pay for selves needs more thought

Commentary: Laguna does not survive on tourists

I agree with David Hansen's point in his May 15 column, "How many people visit city? Guess," that we don't know and should know how many tourists visit the city.

Commentary: Restored estuary is no place for skate park

Editor's Note: This letter was also sent to the Laguna Beach Recreation Committeeand City Council.

Commentary: A few moments that made the man

I have experienced several aha moments in my lifetime. One was "winning" the first draft lottery of the Vietnam War. Yes, my date of birth, Sept. 14, was the first selected on Dec. 1, 1969.

Mailbag: Lay off the bikes already

Lay off the bikes already


Hansen: Photographer evokes 'magical realism'

Hansen: Photographer evokes 'magical realism'

With her wispy blond hair, striking turquoise eyes and penchant for fancy, Uruguayan photographer Lucia Fereira Litowtschenko could be a character out of a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel.

 Hansen: One new Laguna visitor eradicated

Hansen: One new Laguna visitor eradicated

Nearly five years ago, one of the world's most destructive pests landed in Laguna Beach — the first time in the United States.

Apodaca: Rethinking higher education

In the last few weeks I've examined some of the most visible issues in higher education, including rising tuition and student loan debt, doubts about the real worth of brand-name colleges and the perception that only certain degrees are valued in the jobs market.

Chasing Down the Muse: So much going on, I was too busy to write my column

Early birdsong reached my ears as I gratefully snuggled deep under the covers with my thoughts. Wham. Oh, no. Suddenly, I remembered that I had a column to write.

A Word, Please: Even people diligent about use of 'affect,' 'effect' get this wrong

A recent Google search for the phrase "affect positive change" turned up about 101,000 hits. Here's one near the top of the list, a December 2014 story by Monica Middleton on the Guardian website: "Social investment: a powerful tool to affect positive change."

Retail Therapy: Big deals on Aussie favorites

Lost in Oz: One of my favorite sample sales is back. From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Aussie designer collective the SYDNY will offer up to 75% off about a dozen brands, including tiger lily, Cleobella and the covetable Samantha Wills jewelry collection....

The God Squad: Jews are justifiably worried about their declining numbers

Q: What's the big deal about marrying "in the faith" with Jews? Furthermore, why does being born into a particular faith impose a duty to preserve the traditions of the religion? I was raised as a Methodist but feel no obligation to advance the mythologies on which Methodism is...

A Word, Please: Tips on how to avoid common apostrophe errors

Let's face it, grammar is more important for some people than for others. An ambulance driver probably has more important things to worry about than whether to hyphenate adverbs ending in "ly." (FYI: Don't do it.)

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