Around Town: Assistance League brings holiday cheer to soldiers far away

Members of the Assistance League of Laguna Beach's professionals group collected books and assorted gifts for their annual shipment of holiday packages to deployed military men and women.

Hansen: Cars stop for no one in Laguna Beach

The intersection is dark at 7:13 p.m, which is when the women were hit.

Chasing Down the Muse: Weather outside can be frightful — for the homeless

Oh, the weather outside is frightful … and since we've no place to go …

A Word, Please: Regular pronouns often a better choice than 'myself' and 'yourself'

Dave in Elkland, Pa., wrote to me recently about pronouns ending in "self" — myself, yourself and so on — and how annoying they can be at times. "'Myself,' in particular, drives me near distraction," he wrote.

Carnett: Nothing wrong with working hard for your education

I recently saw a group of University of California students in a newspaper photo protesting proposed tuition hikes.

Out of the Blue: A world view of our past and future

I recently returned from an exotic trip to three continents. I am ridiculously privileged, not only to travel but also to be able to return to a place as near-perfect as Laguna in autumn.

 Hansen: New African store hopes to shine light

Hansen: New African store hopes to shine light

Ethiopia does not generally elicit good thoughts.

Carnett: You shop, I'll listen to Beethoven

When given the choice, we humans select pleasure over pain almost every time.

A Word, Please: A holiday gift list for mindful language lovers

If you're reading this, there's a good chance you're a language lover. And if you're a language lover, there's a good chance your holiday gift list includes some birds of a feather — fellow language lovers who'd be delighted to get the perfect language book for the holidays.

 Hansen: Laguna's alternative Top 10 gift list

Hansen: Laguna's alternative Top 10 gift list

You can call it weird, alternative, unique or cool, but just don't call my annual Christmas guide list touristy.

A Word, Please: It's not possible to badly split an infinitive

Not long ago while editing a series of articles, I noticed that the writer had strange ideas about where to put adverbs. Many were placed before the verbs and some before the subjects too.

Hansen: Has the fantasy lost its luster? Just take another look

Hansen: Has the fantasy lost its luster? Just take another look

If you've lived in Laguna Beach for any length of time, there is a tendency to slowly pull back from events: the endless festivals, pageants and art walks.

Out of the Blue: How can anyone object to The Ranch, a meritorious project

One would have thought that Mark Fudge would be ecstatic over Mark Christy's purchase of, and plans for, the Aliso Creek Resort property known as The Ranch at Laguna Beach.

Hansen: Anglers have the right idea

It's usually unfair to do a compare-and-contrast between public and private events, but let's do it anyway.

A Word, Please: What's before who makes all the difference

I saw a fascinating online grammar discussion recently that I was eager to write about in this column. But I can't. It contained a bad word, by which I mean a great word — one of those anatomically specific insults that can make anyone the butt of a joke while simultaneously resonating with...

Hansen: Ephemeral weirdness hits Laguna, thankfully

Hansen: Ephemeral weirdness hits Laguna, thankfully

People watch the sunset in Laguna Beach every night, but not dressed in white, holding a blue light and slowly spinning in place.

Chasing Down the Muse: For a truly meaningful life, appreciate what you have

Slow down, you move too fast… — Simon and Garfunkel, "The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)"

Hansen: Spirit of Laguna lures Argentine shopkeeper

Hansen: Spirit of Laguna lures Argentine shopkeeper

A myth in Argentina called "Luz Mala" refers to an evil light or bad omen that floats in the air. However, if the light falls at the base of a hill, then it is believed to point to buried treasure that only the brave can uncover.