Hansen: Laguna Beach surfing is a family ride

Some people may think surfing is a solitary sport — one person conquering nature — but the reality is that riding the waves is not just about water. It's also about the push, energy and support of family, teachers and the community.

Out of the Blue: Moving Laguna forward without more cars

The Laguna Beach City Council meeting Aug. 19 saw two momentous agenda items for multimodal mobility improvements. The city was eager to move them forward, with the theme of the night being, "Let's get 'er done."

Fitness Files: The healing power of laughter

A few years ago, I read about laugh therapy. People met and laughed, not at anything in particular — just laughed. "Ridiculous," I thought.

Carnett: Living with what Parkinson's takes can be painful

Parkinson's disease slows a person down.

A Word Please: Tempted to use quote marks? Ask yourself why

Much has been said about misused quotation marks. Photos of signs boasting about "fresh" seafood and "free" refills abound on the Internet, offering a good laugh at the expense of business owners who don't realize that quotation marks around "fresh" and "free" could suggest quite the opposite.

To-do list for new Laguna council

With the opportunity for a new majority on the Laguna Beach City Council, it's time to rethink the issues. No more business as usual, no more ignored studies, no more pivoting in circles.

A Word Please: Their thinking on gerunds is a bit off

A few weeks ago, I mentioned here a CNN article "about the president making an unannounced stop."

On Theater: 'Once' is one of a kind

On Theater: 'Once' is one of a kind

“Once” is a Broadway musical that dares to be different. Not only dares but demands. Stridently. At the top of its voice.

Hansen: Coastal Commission is picking the wrong battles

It is revealing that the Orange County office of the California Coastal Commission is not in Orange County. It's in Long Beach, Los Angeles County.

Chasing Down the Muse: Taking wing on a beautiful day

All of the beauty, serenity and charm of Laguna are for the birds!

The Gossiping Gourmet: Pizza the old Italian way

The Gossiping Gourmet: Pizza the old Italian way

Do the beach cities really need another pizza place? Well, if it happens to be Settebello, the answer is a great big "yes."

With Jesus, pain is not hopelessness

"No pain, no gain" was my basic-training drill sergeant's favorite expression during arduous Army workouts.

Mailbag: The tricks of running in Laguna

As we move through the long days in the heart of summer, we're also in prime running season.

 Hansen:  Main Beach, just the right amount of wrong

Hansen: Main Beach, just the right amount of wrong

Most Laguna Beach residents have a lukewarm, like-hate relationship with Main Beach.

Out of the Blue: Drumming up safety, support

Out of the Blue: Drumming up safety, support

I met with the Laguna Beach Police Department this week to discuss Sunday's Full Moon Drum Circle. Yep, it's already here, the last big beast of summer drumming, and it falls on a weekend.

Out of the Blue: Irascible Jean Paul: one heck of a guy

His coffee is fantastically mediocre. Big industrial heaps of Gevalia, from that land renowned for coffee, Sweden.

Mailbag: Housing homeless in the canyon is too risky

Our family has had our home in Laguna Beach since 1956 and been in the canyon area for the past 44 years. On June 5, we were awakened at 3:30 in the morning by thunderous pounding and knocking. We first thought it was an earthquake until we heard vulgar language and screaming.

 Hansen: Rearview planning paralyzes Laguna

Hansen: Rearview planning paralyzes Laguna

A long time ago Dennis Myers learned a valuable lesson while working for Jack Welch at General Electric: You can't drive forward while looking in the rearview mirror.

Hansen: Costumes are real if you believe

Hansen: Costumes are real if you believe

Life feels better if you're dressed for the part.