The God Squad: After church murders, forgiveness a mighty sword against hate

We've been here before and we'll be here again. But how should we respond?

Hansen: Scales of tree justice a bit lopsided

Just over a year ago, Laguna Beach passed a new view ordinance. One wonders, however, if any tree has been cut since.

Apodaca: Education falters when teachers are afraid to speak

Have our schools become rigid fortresses of political correctness?

A Word, Please: English users need to rein in the mistakes

The hardest thing about English grammar isn't grammar. Not in the strictest sense of the word, anyway. Narrowly speaking, grammar has to do with the way we order and inflect words to make sentences.

Chasing Down the Muse: Take the long way home — and enjoy a Laguna summer

Wowza! It's hard to believe but another year has passed.

Hansen: Summer of cars starts on discordant note

Downtown business owners got their wish Saturday when Forest Avenue became a parking lot.

Apodaca: Dads are making way for strong, smart women

Here I was all set to write a feel-good column about Father's Day. Then someone had to go and say something so monumentally dumb that it got me all riled up, and now I just can't help myself. Instead of sunshine and lollipops I will be addressing how a brilliant scientist can also be a total moron.

Carnett: How poor are they that have not patience for Shakespeare

Perhaps a line from William Shakespeare's "Hamlet" is appropriate: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

A Word, Please: There exists more than one form of there

"A man is walking down the street." "There is a man walking down the street."

 Hansen: Sawdust art never ceases to surprise

Hansen: Sawdust art never ceases to surprise

Artists invariably have this problem: They don't shut off.

Apodaca: Topic of sexual assaults on campus finally receiving proper attention

A friend once told me about a horrendous experience she had as a teenager. She had liked a young man, a popular athlete, but when they were alone together he pushed her to the floor. Her head struck a table, and while she was dazed, he raped her. Years later, she was still traumatized.

Apodaca: Best approach to teen drinking is murky

Several years ago while on a Baltic cruise, my family and I enjoyed a two-day stop in beautiful St. Petersburg. Since it was Russia, I naturally expected to see some vodka.

A Word, Please: Don't waste time pondering 'the reason is because'

I graduated from college not knowing what money is, how a computer works or the meaning of the word "adverb."

A Word, Please: "Who," "that" more interchangeable than you might think

People. People who need people. They're the luckiest people in the world, according to some people. But according to other people, it's not the people who need people but the people "that" need people who win.

The God Squad: Hope encapsulates the meaning of life

Q: In a recent column on deism, you said that hope is far more important to you than truth, which I liked. A story: My mother, a non-smoker, died of lung cancer. After her priest offered her last rites, he asked if she had anything else that she'd like. This woman, with no remaining lung...

The God Squad: Dispute over surrogacy a bad start for any marriage

Q: My companion and I are both 54 and have known each other for 15 years. We started dating three years ago. When we met in 1999, the timing was not right since we were both in relationships with others.

A Word, Please: A wide array of influences drive 'through'

Now showing at a news site near you: the spelling "drive-thru."

Apodaca: Time for commencement speeches to graduate?

Is it a sign of the times that commencement speeches have become controversial?