Out of the Blue: Dive into weekend Blue Water Festival for a rockin' good time

Out of the Blue: Dive into weekend Blue Water Festival for a rockin' good time

Do not let the loss of two acts at this weekend's Blue Water Music Festival deter you in any way from going. This is a lyrical Laguna love fest. A sonic bubble bath to soak in Laguna's mighty eclectic music scene. In one marvelous open space — the Sawdust Festival.

Hansen: The local grocery gets more local

Hansen: The local grocery gets more local

When it was announced that Haggen was replacing Albertsons in Laguna Beach I probably reacted like most people: Who?

Fitness Files: Snacks wrapped in expensive promises of health

My niece held up a crinkly white bag of cookies.

Out of the Blue: Police, community, council step up for bike safety

A special shout-out to our Laguna Beach Police Department for taking a proactive lead in increasing bicycle and pedestrian safety. Ever since the loss of two pedestrians and a cyclist last year, the City Council, Police Department and ad hoc citizens groups have come together with the single goal of...

Hansen: Numbers deceive in annual crime report

People like to think of Laguna Beach as a safe little village free from the crime of big cities, but the reality is much different.

Hansen: Boyhood gem leads to life of art

When Todd Elliott Cohen was a boy he had a favorite opal.

Out of the Blue: The answer is fewer cars, not more traffic lanes

I'm of the opinion that progress and preservation are not mutually exclusive but are actually interrelated and co-dependent.

On Theater: 'Odd' but hilarious after all these years

On Theater: 'Odd' but hilarious after all these years

Neil Simon's "The Odd Couple" may possibly be the funniest play ever written, especially on this side of the Atlantic. The only challengers would be British playwright Michael Frayn's "Noises Off" and Simon's own "Rumors."

Retail Therapy: On Pi Day, a $3.14 pie

Pizza my mind: Prego Ristorante, 18420 Von Karman Ave., Irvine, is celebrating Pi Day from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday with $3.14 personal wood-fired pizzas. Information and reservations: (949) 553-3331 or

Chasing Down the Muse: No questioning this muse's virtue

Slut (n.)—a lazy, careless, or slovenly woman; a lewd or dissolute woman.

 Hansen: War, peace and compromise on parade

Hansen: War, peace and compromise on parade

At 92, Eleanor Henry has lived through enough wars, which is why she flinches every year when the Laguna Beach Patriots Day Parade marches downtown.

Out of the Blue: Time to get downtown's heart pumping

As I write this column, I'm sitting in a hospital bed recovering from a minor heart procedure. So hearts are very much on my mind.

Carnett: These guys brought military precision to OCC

Their given names were Randall, Norbert and Walter, but no one ever called them that.

Apodaca: Free-range parenting style is another simplistic fad

When I was a kid I had very little in the way of organized, adult-supervised activities outside of school, and my parents certainly did not obsess over my every move.

A Word, Please: Speakers shall say whatever they will

History has never been my subject, a fact I attribute to my "cut to the chase" type of thinking. In history, the chase always goes: Dude One fights Dude Two for the right to control Thing A and, when a victor emerges, everyone has to live under dude rule.

Hansen: The next generation of art is in good hands

Hansen: The next generation of art is in good hands

When Sora Prakash lived in Texas during his senior year in high school, most people thought he was Hispanic.

Fitness Files: Placebo may have a role in treatment

Perched on my general practitioner's examining table Monday, I waited to renew a prescription.

Carnett: You might say the students had a lick of talent

Whenever I'm asked where I went to secondary school, I'm tempted to say Green Chip High School of Costa Mesa.

Apodaca: Pressure means that teaching to the test won't last

In a recent column, I observed that the Corona del Mar High School cheating scandal highlighted the over-reliance on outside tutors.

A Word, Please: An editor's single-minded effort to correct a pet peeve

Did you hear the one about the guy who went onto Wikipedia and deleted 47,000 instances of the phrase "comprised of"?