Hansen: Has the fantasy lost its luster? Just take another look

If you've lived in Laguna Beach for any length of time, there is a tendency to slowly pull back from events: the endless festivals, pageants and art walks.

Out of the Blue: How can anyone object to The Ranch, a meritorious project

One would have thought that Mark Fudge would be ecstatic over Mark Christy's purchase of, and plans for, the Aliso Creek Resort property known as The Ranch at Laguna Beach.

Hansen: Anglers have the right idea

It's usually unfair to do a compare-and-contrast between public and private events, but let's do it anyway.

A Word, Please: What's before who makes all the difference

I saw a fascinating online grammar discussion recently that I was eager to write about in this column. But I can't. It contained a bad word, by which I mean a great word — one of those anatomically specific insults that can make anyone the butt of a joke while simultaneously resonating with...

Hansen: Ephemeral weirdness hits Laguna, thankfully

Hansen: Ephemeral weirdness hits Laguna, thankfully

People watch the sunset in Laguna Beach every night, but not dressed in white, holding a blue light and slowly spinning in place.

Chasing Down the Muse: For a truly meaningful life, appreciate what you have

Slow down, you move too fast… — Simon and Garfunkel, "The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)"

Hansen: Spirit of Laguna lures Argentine shopkeeper

Hansen: Spirit of Laguna lures Argentine shopkeeper

A myth in Argentina called "Luz Mala" refers to an evil light or bad omen that floats in the air. However, if the light falls at the base of a hill, then it is believed to point to buried treasure that only the brave can uncover.

A Word, Please: Lay and lie can even trip up the dictionary

Typos dog everyone with a keyboard, and that horrible feeling of realizing too late that a resume, important email or blog post contained an error is practically universal.

Out of the Blue: A faraway look at the council candidates

I'm sitting in the top floor of an 18th-century apartment in Istanbul, overlooking the maritime bustle of the Bosphorus, towering mosques and minarets in the distance, and ruminating over who will be on the Laguna Beach City Council when I get back.

Hansen: In local races, what matters is the person, not the party

This year's Laguna Beach City Council race can be boiled down to one word: character.

A Word, Please: It's better to avoid writing upside down

London is a place that gets a lot of rain.

Hansen: Car racing speaks to his soul

Hansen: Car racing speaks to his soul

Professional race car driver Rick Knoop flies around the track at more than 200 mph, but on the streets of Laguna Beach he tools around in a VW Bug.

Hansen: Today's news hides tough past for gays

On Monday, exactly one week after the Supreme Court helped open the gates for same-sex marriage, gay seniors will walk into the Laguna Beach Susi Q Senior Center seeking help and connection.

Apodaca: Teachers walk a blurry line in sharing opinions

A former Newport Harbor High School English teacher has reportedly sued the Newport-Mesa Unified School District, alleging that administrators retaliated against her because she raised objections to cat dissections in science classes.

 Hansen: Dogs win parade but cats rule the world

Hansen: Dogs win parade but cats rule the world

It all started with the cat lady.

A Word, Please: Don't forget to send punctuation a card

National Punctuation Day, which took place on Wednesday, turned 10 this year. The brainchild of Northern California education booster Jeff Rubin, the annual event aims to help kids learn about periods, commas, quotation marks and the rest.

Apodaca: Educators mining Minecraft for learning

What if there was a way for students studying history to build a replica of Ancient Rome? Or for kids learning about California missions to forgo the sugar-cube models — projects that well-intentioned but misguided parents often take over anyway — and instead design and construct their...