Out of the Blue: My Coachella pilgrimage

One thing America is especially good at is entertainment. When it comes to having a good time, we're No. 1. I say this because I spent last weekend at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival.

On Theater: A big, bad 'Wolf' --  maybe

On Theater: A big, bad 'Wolf' -- maybe

The latest, and last, in a series of world premieres in this year's Pacific Playwrights Festival at South Coast Repertory is a calculated mixture of elements from outer space and inner turmoil, a mesmerizing experience called "Mr. Wolf."

Retail Therapy: Reap (fun) and sow for Earth Day

Hug the planet: Celebrate Earth Day at a family-friendly event from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday at the District at Tustin Legacy. Enjoy activities for all ages, food samples, giveaways, contests, music and more. Information:

 Hansen: Laguna Beach still missing its star attraction

Hansen: Laguna Beach still missing its star attraction

The most iconic star in Laguna Beach is not a reality show celebrity. It's Pisaster ochraceus, the purple sea star.

Chasing Down the Muse: There's always change to spare in life

The mockingbird's sloppily constructed nest sits just below my office window. The tiny nest of the hummingbird nearby has already been vacated.

A Word, Please: Idiom takes the wind out of proper sails

They say marriage is all about give and take. Compromise. Meeting each other halfway.

Carnett: Life has been good in the nine years since diagnosis

Nine years ago this spring I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

Hansen: Could our well of 'drought guilt' be dry?

 There is a theory in cultural anthropology that you can change a population's behavior through guilt.

Carnett: We may be specks in the cosmos but are never alone

We Christians view Holy Week as a time for self-examination and contemplation.

Casagrande: Some rules we don't have to abide by

The essence of drama, as they say, is conflict. Comedy is no different, as every show from "The Honeymooners" to "30 Rock" proves.

Hansen: Onetime roadie traveling toward family

Hansen: Onetime roadie traveling toward family

In this digital age of transparency, nothing remains hidden for long.

Health Q&A: Multiple tests may be needed to determine cause of abnormal bleeding

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I'm 40 years old. After having a period that lasted nearly two months, I had tests done that showed a small, hyperechoic lesion within the endometrium. What exactly does this mean? My primary care doctor suggested a hysterectomy as treatment. Are there other ways to treat...

Carnett: Ability to log so many transcontinental miles is a tribute to engineering

I've reviewed the data, and the numbers are interesting.

A Word, Please: Offering a sound reason to use 'a' or 'an'

Steve in Glendale wrote to tell me about a snag he hit recently when writing about a blogger on a National Public Radio website.

Out of the Blue: Dive into weekend Blue Water Festival for a rockin' good time

Out of the Blue: Dive into weekend Blue Water Festival for a rockin' good time

Do not let the loss of two acts at this weekend's Blue Water Music Festival deter you in any way from going. This is a lyrical Laguna love fest. A sonic bubble bath to soak in Laguna's mighty eclectic music scene. In one marvelous open space — the Sawdust Festival.

Hansen: The local grocery gets more local

Hansen: The local grocery gets more local

When it was announced that Haggen was replacing Albertsons in Laguna Beach I probably reacted like most people: Who?

Fitness Files: Snacks wrapped in expensive promises of health

My niece held up a crinkly white bag of cookies.

Out of the Blue: Police, community, council step up for bike safety

A special shout-out to our Laguna Beach Police Department for taking a proactive lead in increasing bicycle and pedestrian safety. Ever since the loss of two pedestrians and a cyclist last year, the City Council, Police Department and ad hoc citizens groups have come together with the single goal of...