Hansen: The next generation of art is in good hands

Hansen: The next generation of art is in good hands

When Sora Prakash lived in Texas during his senior year in high school, most people thought he was Hispanic.

Fitness Files: Placebo may have a role in treatment

Perched on my general practitioner's examining table Monday, I waited to renew a prescription.

Carnett: You might say the students had a lick of talent

Whenever I'm asked where I went to secondary school, I'm tempted to say Green Chip High School of Costa Mesa.

Apodaca: Pressure means that teaching to the test won't last

In a recent column, I observed that the Corona del Mar High School cheating scandal highlighted the over-reliance on outside tutors.

A Word, Please: An editor's single-minded effort to correct a pet peeve

Did you hear the one about the guy who went onto Wikipedia and deleted 47,000 instances of the phrase "comprised of"?

Out of the Blue: Oscar alert: some great movies and actors to watch

Hey, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine, Russia. Lay down your arms.

Hansen: Language need not be a barrier

Hansen: Language need not be a barrier

When Irma Ronses arrived in the U.S. in 1985, she didn't know how to speak English.

A Word, Please: An eggcorn is also known as a mondegreen

When enough people use a word wrong, eventually it becomes right. That's how every word in the language came to be. People started using a word differently than before (read: wrong) and it caught on and at one point started being right.

Fitness Files: Apply wisdom to your teeth

Remember when we were kids? Everybody had tonsillectomies. Then adenoid surgeries. Then tubes in the ears.

 Hansen: Artist finds his craft after wife's death

Hansen: Artist finds his craft after wife's death

Robert Holton remembers vividly when he became an artist. It was a spring day in April 2003, after his wife died of cancer.

A Word, Please: Left dangling, a participle can lose its logic

Danglers are an extremely important language concept. Not so much for writers as for jokesters. Danglers in writing and speech don't necessarily hurt the reader. Often the message comes across just fine despite this dreaded error.

Fitness Files: Running like a true surfer

I stood on the sand in Huntington Beach, thrilled to see my son, a surfer, glide along the waves — surrounded by a pod of dolphins!

Out of the Blue: Learn from tragedy, emphasize bike safety

It's been a sad week in Laguna. We have learned that the man accused of driving the car that killed cyclist John Colvin in June is Dylan Randluby, one of our own. Just 20 years old.

Chasing Down the Muse: How many secret locations does Laguna keep hidden?

Change it up. Recently, these words turned a morning walk into a mid-morning walk. It was, as change often is, a good thing.

Out of the Blue: What makes sniper story compelling?

Last week I pandered by writing about something I knew we would all agree on: the great weather we've been having.

Hansen: 'Idol' hopeful might be an idol to diabetics

All it took was one week on "American Idol" for Adam Lasher to win over the judges, become a role model for diabetes and be spoofed by Jimmy Fallon.

Fitness Files: Rescue shows importance of first aid

We couldn't join our friends, Julie and Scott, for dinner before the theater, so we agreed to rendezvous at the show.

 Hansen: Gay culture 2.0 hits Laguna Beach

Hansen: Gay culture 2.0 hits Laguna Beach

Drag queens are back in Laguna Beach.

Out of the Blue: Hotter, drier Januaries still hold us in thrall

We just learned 2014 was the hottest recorded year on the planet. I remember January of last year. It was like, well, January this year. Brilliant. Except for the minor inconvenience of being in a severe drought. Somehow our lawns are still green and our landscapes lush.