Editorial: Parents, vaccinate your kids

Guess what's back? Measles. Really.

Mailbag: Let's fix canyon road before more lives lost

I know many hearts are broken over the loss of Laguna College of Art + Design student Nina Fitzpatrick, a pedestrian who died after being hit by a car in a crosswalk. But sympathy, while heartfelt, is little consolation for her friends and family.

Mailbag: Bank should follow lighting rules too

Sometime ago I attended a City Council meeting to draw attention to a lighting issue.

Commentary: Greenbelt group explains Great Park plans

The Laguna Canyon Conservancy dinner meeting March 3 hosted Mike Ellzey, the chief executive of the Great Park Corp.

Mailbag: Canyon project requires additional scrutiny

I believe the people who support the proposed live-work project in Laguna Canyon are well-meaning, but they may not have completely thought it through.

Mailbag: Laguna needs more letters, not fewer is apparently a well-read Laguna Beach news source, but in a recent email, publisher Stu Saffer indicated he is not getting many letters to the editor and therefore has been printing only a few recently.

Commentary: Traffic-free Laguna is unrealistic for real people

Columnist Billy Fried has gone a bit too far with his vision for Laguna Beach transportation (" Feb. 21).

Mailbag: Live-work is good, but not this plan

I'm an artist. I have had a studio in my home on Sun Valley Drive since 1974.

Mailbag: Flood plain is no place for project

I have lived in Laguna Beach for nearly 72 years, 64 of them on Sun Valley Drive. Flash floods in the Sun Valley Drive area are unpredictable. And when they come, everything on the ground is swept away.

Commentary: A fiscal conservative ready to 'fight hard' for Laguna

Laguna Beach is a key city within the 74th Assembly District, and as a candidate to represent this area, I would like to introduce myself and talk about the issues that I feel are important.

Commentary: City should keep its promises

Applicant Louis Longi and architect Horst Noppenberger for the proposed artist work-live project in Laguna Canyon recently wrote commentaries in local newspapers.

Mailbag: Live-work space is much needed

I am writing in full support of the artist live-work space proposed by Louis Longi.

Mailbag: Live-work project could improve look of canyon

My father was visiting me from Texas for the first time since I moved to California.

Mailbag: 'Reagan' could use stable housing

Re "Homeless Hide in Plain Sight," Hansen, Jan. 17.

Commentary: Artist's studios fulfill city's needs

I am writing to dispel the fears that a few of the neighbors have about the proposed artist live-work complex in Laguna Canyon.

Mailbag: Thank you, Art Walk, from LCAD

I'd like to acknowledge and thank Laguna Beach First Thursdays Art Walk for its continued collaboration with the Laguna College of Art + Design in making the professional mentor/student program a huge success.

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