Commentary: State agency decision shames Planning Commission

In a happy — and stunningly unanimous — vote, the Coastal Commission last week agreed to hold a separate hearing to discuss an appeal against a controversial proposed project relating to the locally well-known Ben Brown's at Aliso Creek, now called The Ranch at Laguna Beach.

Mailbag: Gift of Food Pantry isn't abused

Last week, one of our favorite shoppers at the Laguna Food Pantry reappeared after being gone for quite a while. When I asked where he'd been, he said that he had found a little part-time work.

Mailbag: It is in Laguna's nature to save sewer digester tower

The future of the historic sewer digester tower on Laguna Canyon Road will be under discussion at the Village Entrance workshop Wednesday.

Mailbag: Murals make inviting public space

I thought Verizon and Whole Foods Market were planning to convert their shared parking lot into a drive-in theater and fill the former seating area with sand and a merry-go-round.

Mailbag: City must be proactive with fire prevention

I have lived in the Top of the World area for 35 years. One of the most traumatic events of my life is when I had to evacuate my home during the devastating 1993 fire. That event left me psychologically scarred and hyper-aware of the possibility of something like that happening again.

Mailbag: Well-designed pedestrian bridge may be the answer

Let's create a new way of thinking about Laguna Canyon's entry, its safety and beauty. Imagine more green, more safety and continuous flow without sacrificing either. Here are some attainable solutions and wonderful examples of putting need and inspiration into reality.

Commentary: View ordinance draft needs important changes

The Laguna Beach City Council will consider the latest draft of the view ordinance on Thursday.

Mailbag: Canyon doesn't fit needs of homeless

I found David Peck's letter, "Let fight for shelter be as successful as first go-round," (May 16) intriguing. Peck recalled the uproar over the initial site proposed for Laguna's now 25-year-old Friendship Shelter.

Commentary: Fight for shelter is as important as the first

The controversy over the proposed homeless shelter in Laguna Canyon carries me back to a similar situation more than 25 years ago, when Friendship Shelter first got started.

Mailbag: Another traffic light in canyon is bad idea

Traffic conditions in Laguna Canyon are unpredictable, as those who travel it daily know all too well.

Mailbag: Laguna has always been more compassionate

A recent letter in a local paper argues against permanent supportive housing by comparing Laguna to nearby cities.

Mailbag: Meeting demeaned the homeless

Re. "Plan for destitute draws crowd," April 25: Were I a stranger from, let's say Indiana, and wandered into that City Council meeting on housing the homeless, I would have expected the town's downtown to be a virtual slaughterhouse, a bloody abattoir. Rape and pugnacity would have...

Mailbag: Canyon has had enough homeless problems

As the Coastline Pilot has written, a two-story building that would house the chronically homeless on a permanent basis is being proposed for Laguna Canyon ("Homeless housing proposed for canyon," March 28):

Mailbag: Let's fix canyon road before more lives lost

I know many hearts are broken over the loss of Laguna College of Art + Design student Nina Fitzpatrick, a pedestrian who died after being hit by a car in a crosswalk. But sympathy, while heartfelt, is little consolation for her friends and family.

Editorial: Parents, vaccinate your kids

Guess what's back? Measles. Really.

Mailbag: Bank should follow lighting rules too

Sometime ago I attended a City Council meeting to draw attention to a lighting issue.

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