Commentary: Approach to fire-prevention misses forest for the trees

Trees are becoming the only area that Laguna Beach is addressing for fire prevention, and that is missing the big picture.

Commentary: Spend Labor Day in LGBT-friendly Laguna

I am sure hundreds of people from the LGBT community will be at South Laguna's gay-friendly beach over Labor Day weekend. Laguna Beach's largest expanse of sand is an internationally recognized beach with volleyball, portable restrooms and plenty of room for Frisbee, football and the traditional...

Mailbag: ACLU shows that no good deed goes unpunished

As I read John Pietig's well-written description of all that has been accomplished for the homeless in Laguna Beach, the first thought that came to mind was no good deed goes unpunished ("ACLU lawsuit against Laguna Beach is misguided," Sept. 4).

Commentary: ACLU lawsuit against Laguna Beach is misguided

After substantial investment in services for homeless individuals, the city of Laguna Beach must again defend itself from a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Commentary: Despite tough times, Carter proved to be a great man

The news about former President Jimmy Carter's liver cancer struck a nerve with me. My dad, a liberal Democrat until his final day, passed away from the same cancer when Carter was in the White House.

Commentary: The amazing power of small courtesies

Hey, I admit it. I'm as bad as anyone.

Commentary: Planned Parenthood getting a bad rap

Like you, I've heard and read about Planned Parenthood's supposed glee at selling "baby parts" on a shadowy, dark market. I was shocked, disheartened, bewildered. It all sounds so gruesome and heartless.

Joe Surf: John Davis' Hall of Fame path had some detours

Joe Surf: John Davis' Hall of Fame path had some detours

The story of John Davis' life in surfing has a nice beginning and a happy ending.

Mailbag: Vacationers have their zoned place

The marketing name for it is the "sharing economy," but a popular country song from a few years back (about a cowboy's divorce) better describes just how the sharing economy works when it comes to controversial short-term transient rentals like Airbnb, VRBO and others.

Commentary: Reclaimed water distribution system needed for Laguna

Editor's Note: This letter was also sent to the City Council and Laguna Beach County Water District board.

Mailbag: If you want us to shop, don't close the street

Our past City Councils encouraged us to shop in Laguna Beach, so why are they trying to make it impossible to shop here.

Commentary: Rejoicing in love's victory

In a landmark civil-rights decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Friday that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marriage that can't be denied by state laws. The following is a reaction from the Rev. Sarah Halverson, pastor of Fairview Community Church in Costa Mesa.

Commentary: The populace should decide fate of Confederate flag

As a former development director at the Laguna Art Museum, I appreciate what Malcolm Warner, its director, recently said about artist G. Ray Kerciu's Confederate flag paintings.

Commentary: My advice to the Class of 2015 — Be curious

I will never be a graduation speaker, but if by some miracle I was asked, this would be what I would say.

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