Four Laguna Beach Little League teams head into action in the coming week at the Little League District 55 All-Star Tournament.

Three Laguna teams, the 10/11, 9/10 and 8/9 All-Star teams, begin tournament play Saturday. The Laguna Little League (12-year-old) All-Star team makes its debut Tuesday.

The double-elimination tournament runs through July 9.

Little League (12-Year-Old) All-Stars

Opening game: Tuesday vs. Laguna Niguel.

(6:30 p.m., Woodfield Park, Aliso Viejo)

Manager's outlook: "Our 12-year-old All-Star squad looks solid this year," Rob Smith said. "We matched up evenly against the Laguna Niguel teams throughout our regular season schedules, and played well against the Aliso Viejo teams in the tournament of champions, ultimately losing to them in the championship game.

"In order for us to make some noise in the All-Star tournament, our pitching needs to be sharp, and our bats need to stay hot. If our pitchers can stay ahead in their counts, I love our chances."

The 12-Year-Old All-Stars: Lance Detweiler, Ayrton Garcia, Jeremy Hayes, Brooks Hogenauer, Adam Kerfoot, Trey Lockhart, James Loughlin, Nick Lucas, Josh Meiswinkel, Charlie Pillsbury, Enzo Sanchez, Nolan Smith. Alternates: Zack Bonnin, John Phelan, Max Shuster. Manager: Rob Smith. Coaches: Tim Loughlin, Taylor Pillsbury, Neil Detweiler, Ken Hogenauer.

10/11 Year-Old All-Stars

Opening game: Saturday vs. Aliso Viejo (defending champ).

(2 p.m., Woodfield Park, Aliso Viejo).

Manager's outlook: "We have a great group of kids who have been playing with/against each other now for four years," Coby Naess said. "The team is a great blend of pitching/hitting and aggressive base running. We'll need to pitch well and play heads up defense to have a shot to advance in the tournament.

"Opening against Aliso Viejo is a tough task but one that our kids are‎ fired up to take on. We've had some dynamic practices and all are working very hard and enjoying this all star experience."

The 10/11 Year-Old All-Stars: Paxton Burzell, Caden Capobianco, Connor Fink, Booker Frith, Wyatt Gillespie, Luke Lavin, Landon Losey, Jamie Mackay, Nolan Naess, Jack Payne, Sam Schineller, Gavin Trevino, George Williams, Drew Fink, Aiden McDennon. Manager: Coby Naess. Coaches: Dave Frith, Dana Mackay.

9/10 Year-Old All-Stars

Opening game: Saturday vs. Newport Beach National.